Titusville Herald Newspaper Archive

Titusville Herald Newspaper Archive

The Benson Memorial Library is happy to provide access to the Titusville Herald Newspaper Archive.

Click on the logo to the left to open Titusville Herald NewspaperArchive inside the library!

Please note: this link only works when you are AT THE LIBRARY. To use the NewspaperArchive remotely from your home, please login to the website with your library card number and password and click on Remote Access in the menu bar.

Trying to access Titusville Herald NewspaperArchive from home? Here's how!

Step 1: Sign in to your account.
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Step 2: Enter your library card number and password. If you have never reset your password, the default is your last name in all lowercase letters.
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Step 3: Click on Remote Access in the top bar.
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Step 4: Click on the link for "Titusville Herald Newspaper Archive." You're in! Enjoy your search!
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This resource requires a library card to use it.

This resource requires you to be in the library to use it.

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